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5 Things Cleaning Your Oven Won’t Change

5 Things Cleaning Your Oven Won’t Change

We all love a shiny new thing to play with. When your oven is cleaned, it comes out looking just like new and all those emotions you had when it was first installed come rushing back. But… 

1. Your family will still take your cooking for granted

Even if you rear the cow from birth and grow the vegetables under UV light, your cooking is probably going to be taken for granted. Younger children will eat 1% of the food on the plate and teenagers will be too busy playing on their phone to notice that you spent 45 minutes making four different types of gravy.

2. You won’t become a Michelin star chef

You can use as many French words as you like, your cooking won’t be any better after an oven clean. Granted, you may now be able to produce something delicious without that ‘funny smell’ you’ve been suffering for the last month, but your Pie de Cottage is still just beef, gravy and pastry.

3. Jamie Oliver’s recipes still won’t look like they do in the book

It’s not because your oven isn’t clean that your meals don’t come out looking like Jamie himself turned up with a team of sous chefs to personally massage your leg of lamb into culinary perfection. It will still be because of those reasons you shout at the book…none of which of course are your fault. Tip: more butter.

4. The value of your home won’t improve

A clean oven is normal. You’re not a champion investor because you realised your oven is an important part of the home-buying decision-making process. Sure, if the oven achieved points 1 to 3 above then perhaps it might.

5. Your love of cooking will still take a backseat to Eastenders

Clean oven = fresh canvas. The possibilities are endless now you’re back to having a sparkling, shiny oven to work with. There *can’t* be too many roast potatoes in your life and seeing goose fat on sale is suddenly exciting for you again! Just don’t touch the TV remote until you’re ready to accept that your penchant for cooking will be measured in hours.

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