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Precision Oven Cleaning are a professional oven cleaning service covering Worcestershire and Warwickshire. We are a family business and are proud to be the premier oven cleaning company for Longbridge. Rest assured that we can provide the service you require. Please call us now for a quote or to ask any questions you may have.

As part of our cleaning process we will take the door of take out all the oven racks, and unscrewing any panels from inside the oven. We also dismantle the hob and extractor fan, placing all the component parts into the heated dip tank, which is attached to the back of the van. The extractor will then be fully degreased, and the hob will be fully wiped clean. Once the oven is hot all the carbon will be cut off using a scraper blade and then the remaining dirt will be scrubbed out using only soap-based liquids and pastes. Once this is done the oven racks and oven trays will be cleaned in the tank on the back of the van. The oven, hob and extractor will then be put back together, polished up, and will be left looking like new.

For all of your oven cleaning needs please contact us at out our office in Worcestershire via the Online Enquiry form or calling on 01386 300 525

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